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We would first like to welcome you to imillee. You have found our docs site, our doc site includes helpful support articles, answers to frequently asked question, how-to’s and support tickets. 

Please note: This article serves as a welcome and general orientation article. If you’re searching for how-to articles, please click on any one of the following links - how to explore homes, how to book showings, how to make an offer, how to create a listing, how to counter offers, how to edit a contract, how to approve showings, or how to request repairs.

If you have just joined us and have already created an account then the time savings has already begun even if you don’t know it yet. imillee works behind the scenes to help automate workflows that would be both tedious and time consuming even frustrating at times. 

“It is our utmost intention to help people save time, stress, and money while creating a truly unique experience clients will enjoy.”

- imillee


After you’ve created your account as a seller or as a buyer the first screen you’ll be taken to is your dashboard. The dashboard is your site map, so to speak, that lets you jump directly to different sections of our website. By visiting our support site you’ve selected or tapped open the knowledge base icon. This is where questions can be answered for the entire site without having to reach out to support and wait for a response. You can also visit our support site on virtually any page that you’re on. If on desktop, laptop, or a tablet you can find the knowledge base icon in your main navigation located on the very top of your screen. On mobile devices you’ll need to select the menu icon located in the top right corner of your screen, then by scrolling down to the menu item named docs

Please note: For more in depth information regarding your new dashboard you may also be interested in dashboard overview.


While imillee has spent a tremendous amount of time providing answers through our support site and will continue to add helpful support articles and make updates, you will also see buttons titled how do I do this tutorial on any core page, where the page is asking you questions in order to generate needed documents. Such as the make an offer or negotiation page. By clicking on the how do I do this? button you will quickly learn the process and timing as it relates to the step you’re on.

Please note: Tutorials are automatically opened without clicking on the how do I do this? link. However, if you decide to close the tutorial you will then see the link appear. If you need to reopen the help article you can simply click the link and the article will reappear.


The best place to get started is here in the knowledge base which is also called docs, and also by visiting your to do list. While the knowledge base provides detailed information pertaining to specific aspects of the site, the to do list is your quick go-to guide that list each step in sequential order for both clients exploring homes and those with listings. Your to do list also links directly to each step, so simply clicking on any step and/or link will start the step. You can check on your progress and return to the to do list as many times as needed to stay up to date, as the to do list will automatically update itself as steps are completed. 


If you don’t see a step or icon you think you will need, don’t worry. In an effort to simplify the process for you some of the features will appear when needed. These are called conditional steps and when the time comes you’ll be prompted automatically with notifications and how-to’s. 


If you’re wondering why you’re seeing both buyers and sellers icons in your dashboard that’s simply due to the fact that we want to acclimate our clients with our website so that if and when they need to be on the other side of the transaction such as selling the home they purchased with imillee or by buying a home after they’ve sold their previous one on imillee, they will have greater confidence and insights getting started. 


First step for buyers: [ create listing ] 


First step for sellers: [ explore homes ]

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