Approving showings + rescheduling

Being a great home seller is a crucial step in a successful transaction. The most likely quality a great home seller has that will help him or her sell their home is promptness and responsiveness. While imillee is designed and geared towards automating real estate, as a home seller it is still your responsibility to approve showings.

We strongly believe that until you officially sell your home that you should be able to confirm, reschedule or reject showings at your leisure. Traditional firms schedule showings and then expect the home owner to rearrange their schedule to accommodate the prospect. With the ability to approve your own showings you now have the option and choice to decide when and what day suit your schedule. That being said the same goes for the buyer. By being accommodating to prospects as well as polite and considerate of their time and schedule you can help assist in creating a smooth transaction and enjoyable experience for everyone. 

Let’s take a look at some statistics. The average prospect waits nearly 48 hours to receive a phone call from an agent just in order to schedule a showing with them. However, imillee clients can schedule a showing in less than 60 seconds and immediately in real time notifications are sent to the home seller for approval. We’re off to a great start! Up next is approving the showing or politely asking the prospect ie. buyer if there’s another time that would work for them. imillee allows home sellers the ability to approve a showing request by simply clicking on the link titled approve. The approval link is sent to your email inbox along with the time and day the buyer is requesting to see your home. Once the link is clicked on you do not even need to sign into your account. The showing has already been approved and the buyer has been sent the approval notification. On the other hand if you need to reschedule with the buyer we highly recommend offering time frames on the same day as they have requested. Here’s an example of what you might say to the buyer when rescheduling. 


Thank you for your interest in our lovely home located at 1234 Park St.  If it would be at all possible to reschedule for 12-12:30 Saturday the 3rd we would greatly appreciate it. Or if this time won’t work for you the home is available for showing Sunday the 4th between 8:00 am through 2:00 pm. We will also be holding an open house Sunday the 4th between 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm and would love to see you there if you could stop by then. If you can’t attend our open house and aren’t available for the times I mentioned please just let us know what time and day will work for you and we can go from there. We are very much look forward to hearing from you and showing our beautiful home at 1234 Park St. 


Jan and Tom

While we can be polite and courteous keep in mind the buyers may have a busy schedule of their own and are probably looking at other homes. It is imperative to approve showings as quickly as possible and/or respond back immediately by offering other available time slots. It is highly recommended to approve showings for the time the buyer has requested. Not only will it help get you more showings it will make the buyers experience more positive. Additionally, it will save you time by not needing to wait and coordinate a new time with the buyer. 

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