Accepting offers

This article will cover the steps to accept an offer. 

Please note: This article does not cover countering offers, please visit countering offers for a how-to and Q&A. If you're searching for helpful articles on understanding an offer you've received please jump to understanding offers for sellers or understanding counter offers.

After you've created a listing and have approved showings buyers can start making you offers. When you receive an offer, imillee will notify you with an SMS text and also with an email notification. You will also receive the offer for your review directly in your email inbox associated with your imillee account.

Once you open the offer you will have a chance to review the details ie. offer price, special request, etc. and also you will be able to digitally sign and accept the offer all from within the email itself, simply by following the prompts, clicking sign, and adding your digital signature. 

Please note: That in order to sign and accept an offer, you will need to sign in to your email account associated with your imillee account. 

Re-cap - 

  • Anytime you receive an offer you will receive an SMS notification sent to your phone, and an email notification sent directly to your email inbox associated with your imillee account.
  • You will have a chance to fully review the offer before signing.
  • Before signing you will need to sign in to your email account associated with your imillee account.
  • After you've reviewed the offer and are ready to sign simply follow the prompts and then draw your digital signature either with your mouse if on a computer or laptop, or draw if you're on a tablet or mobile device.
  • Upon adding your digital signature the finalized contract will then be sent to both you and the buyer(s) for your records. 

It's important to know that imillee does not store any contracts on our server or database for security protection and client privacy. You should safely store the final contracts for yourself and lender. While you can access your offers by going to your dashboard and then clicking the button titled negotiate, imillee only provides enough data collected from the offer so that you can reference and distinguish between specific offers in order to counter them if needed. Fore more information on countering offers please visit how to counter offers. For information regarding understanding offers please visit understanding offers for sellers.

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