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Please note: This article does not cover understanding a counter offer you have received, please visit  contracts understanding counter offers for more information. 

This article will cover the steps to counter an offer.  Please note: This article does not include step by step instructions on counter offer definitions or specific line items on a contract, please visit how to counter offer for a how-to and Q&A. If you're searching for helpful articles on understanding a counter offer you've received please jump to understanding counter offers.

Being able to counter an offer you’ve received without time restraints is one of the many benefits of imillee. In the past the counter offer would be sent to your real estate agent, your real estate agent would then relay the main points to you such as the offer amount and special request by phone or email. If everything sounded acceptable your agent would then schedule a time to meet with you, print off the counter offer, meet you for your signature, scan or fax your offer back to the other agent, wait for the agent to go over your offer with their client, then let you know if the are accepting your offer or countering your offer. Even with today’s technology agents maybe able to send you the counter offer electronically but the steps and time investment are very much the same. This is time intensive and is one of the problems we addressed with imillee. 

With imillee everything is done in real time with complete automation in place and the least amount of friction.  

Here To Counter An Offer

Sign into your imillee account.
Click or tap Negotiations.
Create your counter offer ie. negotiate a different purchase price etc.
You can counter offers within minutes with imillee. After you competed the steps to counter an offer and have added your signature, imillee will automatically with smart routing send your counter offer back to the seller or buyer for them to review and sign. 
While it’s possible the seller or buyer may re-counter you with a new counter offer you simply follow the exact same steps listed above until you and the buyer or seller come to an agreement. 
After you’ve come to a meeting of the minds and both agree on an acceptable agreement it will now become time to accept an offer. To learn how to accept an offer please visit accepting offers


Ready to make a counter offer? We're going to cover each step in detail. Let's get started!

  • Negotiate There are three available options to choose from - which are accept, reject, or counter. If you choose accept or reject your counter offer will only require you to choose whether you're the buyer and/or seller, remit a payment in the amount of $9.99 and then add your digital signature to complete. If you choose counter a new set of questions will appear. Which are: 
  • How many times have you countered this person(s). You can simply click/tap the drop down titled tap here and then choose the number from the drop down. 
  • Time Limit Date Enter the date you would like a response by. With this file you simply click/tap the field title click to expand calendar. A calendar will then appear and and you can choose the date in which your offer will expire.
  • Time limit Enter the time of day you would like a response by. With this field you simply enter the time of day ie. 3:30 pm, 7:45 pm etc. in which your counter offer will expire.
  • What would you like to change In this field you can add your request simply by entering one request per line. ie for example: 

Sales price to be 550,000  

Seller to pay buyer's closing cost

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