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In today’s article we’re going to be covering setting yourself up for success the recommended way. By simply reading this article you will have a greater confidence than those who don’t moving forward. While the points and suggestions mentioned in this article are recommended they also certainly aren’t required to accomplish your goal of purchasing a home on imillee. 

Please note: This article will not be covering how to strengthen your offer, to learn more about this topic please visit home buyer tips > making a winning offer


Please note: For more in depth how to’s for the steps below simply click on anyone of these links explore homes book showings make an offer , counter or close .
  • Explore homes - open your dashboard click on the explore homes icon, choose your budget.
  • Book showings - while exploring homes click on the book showing button located directly underneath the homes photos, follow the prompts.
  • Make an offer - while exploring homes click on the make an offer button located directly underneath the homes photos. Alternatively, after scheduling a showing you can open your dashboard, click on the my showings icon, find the home you’d like to make an offer on and click make an offer, follow the prompts.
  • Counter (conditional) - open your dashboard click on the my offers icon, choose the offer you want to counter, follow the prompts.
  • Close - While imillee doesn’t handle closings we help deliver your documents automatically to your closing company for you.
imillee has streamlined the real estate process. There’s no going back and forth between you an agent. In fact the imillee experience can save you up to 38 hours of interaction with agents and each step can be completed within minutes. 


Please note: these items below are simply recommended and are not required in order to explore homes, book showings, or make offers. It is very common not to be pre-approved before hand. 

Pre-approval - Being pre-approved means that your lender or your financial institution has already verified your ability to purchase a home. Not only does this give you provide peace of mind it helps determine what your budget is for a home, it can strengthen your offers, and potentially save you time when it’s time to close. 

Booking showings - One of the tools you are given with an imillee account is being able to book showings for homes directly with the home owner. While it’s booking a showing and can take less than a half a minute, imillee allows the home owner to be able to approve the requested time and day. With this option you may find a home owner providing you with different times or asking you politely other time slots you maybe available. The buyer certainly isn’t the bottom man or women on the totem poll. We encourage home sellers to be as polite and accommodating to the buyer (you) as possible. The most recommended approach we instill into home sellers is to try their absolute best to approve your first requested time and day. In the event, however, that the current home owner is simply out of pocket it will be up to the both of you to reschedule in a timely fashion. It is most advantageous to both parties to reschedule as soon as possible. For obvious reasons such as the seller should be accommodating to the buyer because they are buying and for the buyer the quicker you can visit a home you can greatly improve your chances of making an offer, if you choose to do so before someone else decides they’d like to. 

Here’s an excellent way to respond to a buyer asking to reschedule with you. 

Hello Mr. and Mrs. Smith, 

Thank you so much for your prompt response in getting back with me. I certainly appreciate you providing me with so many details about other time slots available to see your lovely home, and also for letting me know about the open house you’re having this Sunday. We really like your home and would greatly appreciate a private showing as opposed to the open house you’re holding. Would it be at all possible for us to schedule just before the open house? We were thinking this Sunday the 4th at 1pm. Will that work for you? 

We very much look forward to hearing from you.


The Johnsons

It is in everyone’s best interest to treats all parties involved or that could be potentially involved in a transaction with you with integrity, respect, responsiveness, and politeness. The imillee experience is designed to save time and money but also to be a positive memory for everyone involved. 

To learn even more about setting yourself up for success and to hone in on the imillee buying experience you can visit our support knowledge base by clicking on this link. Keep in mind that imillee is a highly intuitive website and that this article is simply to offer insights to those wanting to learn. 

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