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Exploring homes is the first step in any real estate process. In this support article we’re going to be covering how to explore homes from within your imillee dashboard.

How to explore homes

Please note: If you are not logged in and are exploring/searching homes on imillee, you will have to sign in; in order to access premium features. Such as booking showings or making offers.
Sign into your imillee account.
Click on explore homes from within your dashboard.
Choose the state. 
Choose your city

Available keyword/filtering results
From here you can add virtually any kind of filter you’d like to; to modify your search results. 
For an example
  1. HOA
  2. Asking price 
  3. Type of loan the seller is willing to accept ie. Cash, conventional, FHA, USDA, THDA.
  4. Type of home
  5. Square feet
  6. Stories
  7. Bedrooms
  8. Bathrooms
  9. Garage
  10. Half baths
  11. Floors
  12. Type of floors
  13. Type of oven
  14. Type of electrical
  15. Siding
  16. New kitchen
  17. New windows


These are of course some simple keyword suggestions and are not limited to these keywords only. For example if you would like to live in a subdivision or community that has an HOA you can also enter the amount of HOA you’re willing to spend or that your budget allows to see all available homes with an HOA  within your budget. To search you would enter for example New York, New York HOA 400 then press enter or go depending on the device or browser you’re using.

Exploring homes with this type of granular control is possible with imillee. This type of home search helps to provide the most accurate results, and assists in finding not just an idea of the right home but the actual home people are searching for. 

While exploring homes is available for anyone without logging in, in order to book a showing or make an offer(s) you must first either create a free account or sign in.

Its important to note that while we created a support article for exploring homes, we have built imillee to be intuitive. However, we believe it’s important for people to not limit their searches by simply not being aware how to return more accurate homes. 

If you would like to learn more about the intuitiveness of imillee you can visit the imillee blog and read shortcuts.

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