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After exploring homes online the next step is to book showings. In this support article we’re going to be covering how to book showings from within your imillee dashboard plus rescheduling. 

How to book showings 

Please note: You must first explore homes in order to book showings . 
Sign into your imillee account.
Click on explore homes.
Explore/search for homes. 
Click on book a showing located underneath the homes photos. 
Choose which time and day you would like to see the home. 
Click book
Wait for the booking approval confirmation from the current home owner. This simply confirms that the day and time you have requested to book a showing is approved by the seller. Approval notifications are sent via email and SMS to your registered email and phone number associated with your imillee account.


  • imillee allows people to communicate directly with each other in order to reschedule. If you find you need to reschedule after the showing has been approved, simply log in to your imillee dashboard, click on the showings manager button, find the home you wish to reschedule, click reschedule, wait for the approval confirmation by the seller. 
Please note: A new booking is not automatically approved, you must wait for the approval confirmation from the current home owner. 
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