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In today’s article we will be covering closing for buyers

Please note: This article does not cover the steps leading up to closing. If you need to learn about the prior steps to closing please click on any of these links - making offers, countering offers, exploring homes, booking showings, requesting repairs, making changes to a contract. Or by visiting our support home

How closing works for buyers
Once the home seller(s) accepts your offer, it’s now time to move to the next steps of the transaction. Which are  obtaining financing (if you aren’t pre-approved yet),  ordering an inspection, requesting an appraisal,  and then close. 
Again, that’s 

Obtaining Financing 


Ordering an inspection


Requesting an appraisal 



Now it’s important to note that if you are financing the home with a loan your lender will order an inspection, request the appraisal, help you to obtain financing, and with the assistance of your closing company (you’ve already chosen at this point when you originally made the offer) help you to close. Closing is simply a meeting between you the buyer and your lender. This is where you finalize the last of the documents with your signature.
Please note: It’s also important to note that it’s possible you’ve already been pre-approved so you can check off obtaining financing off the list. Additionally, if you did not ask for an inspection contingency or an appraisal you would simply move directly to the finalizing of the documents ie. closing.
Part of the closing process is a title search. A title search is performed by your closing company, an interchangeable word for closing company is a title company. A title search is self explanatory it’s to ensure there are no “clouds” on the title. A cloud on the title basically means there is an item(s) that could prevent the transfer of the home.  For example: a lien, or an un-paid amount to a contractor etc. All clouds on the title must be removed in order to close. 

What you’ll need

  • Signed offer that includes both the current home seller(s) and the buyer(s) signature(s)
  • Any and all counter offers
  • The home condition disclosure
  • (Conditional) Lead based paint disclosure, this is only needed if the home you’re purchasing was built before 1978
  • (Conditional) Repair proposal, this is only needed if after a home inspection there are any items you would like to be repaired.
The above items are generated by imillee and will automatically be delivered directly to your email inbox associated with your account. For the security of our account holders, imillee does not store signed contracts by either the buyer or the seller. For this reason you will need to forward, print or fax the documents to your lender. 
Once the documents above have been delivered to your lender, the lender will help you obtain financing (if you haven’t already been pre-approved) order the inspection, request the appraisal, order the title search, and let you know when the closing date is.

Who’s involved

While all closings can vary these are the typical parties involved. 

  • The buyer(s)
  • The seller(s)
  • Home inspector
  • Home appraiser
  • Title company/closing company
  • Lender

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*While this information is believed to be accurate imillee makes no guarantees and suggest home buyers verify any and all pertinent information.*

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