How to create a listing

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In this support article we’re going to be covering how to create a listing from within your imillee dashboard, what you will need, plus understanding each step. 

How to create a listing

Please note: It may take up to 4 hours for your listing to be published. 
Sign into your imillee account.
Click on create listing

What you will need

  • 15-25 photos
  • Basic knowledge of the home

Ready to make a counter offer? We're going to cover each step in detail. Let's get started!
Address This is the address of the home you're wanting to sell. The address should be entered including the full address, city, state, and zip code.  
List price To enter your asking price simply click and hold the white circle then drag until you see the amount you want to list your home for.
Showings There are two available options 'anytime or choose times'. If you select anytime that is all that will be needed for this section, if you select choose times a new field will appear asking you to state which times should be publicly displayed.  
Please note: Regardless of the selection you make, each time a prospective buyer(s) books a showing, you will have the ability to confirm the time and date that is requested.
Money In the event an agent is working on behalf of the buyer(s) interested in your home, you can if you wish offer a commission or offer no commission. This is optional and offering a commission is not required to list your home on imillee. To offer a commission or to offer no commission simply click and hold the white circle and then drag to the left or the right until you see the commission percentage you wish to offer or not offer.
Describe The describe allows you to write a public description that will be displayed with your listing. The fields has a max character limit of 250 characters.  
Directions The directions field allows you to share general directions to get to the home. The field has a max character limit of 255 characters.
Offers The offers field has 6 available options and all available options can be multi-selected. If you're unsure as to which types of loans you're willing to accept you may contact your mortgage lender.
Vacate There are two available options 'day of closing or 30 days after closing'. If you choose 30 days after closing you will be asking prospective buyer(s) to allow you 30 days after they have purchased the home to remain in the home.
Features The features section asks you a series of questions as to which features your home offers.  
Please note:Based on your answers more fields may appear requesting additional details to be provided.
Request If you have any special requests you can enter them here. Special requests are asking prospective buyer(s) to accommodate these requests. ie. for example: If a special requests of yours is to keep a gazebo it will be up to the prospective buyer(s) to agree to this requests.
Photos You can upload a total of 25 photos. The (1st) first photo that is requested is of the front of the home. This photo can be cropped after uploading, as this will be the first photo displayed with your listing. All (24) subsequent photos can be uploaded at the same time by clicking/tapping the select file(s) button
Please note: There are two file upload buttons in this section. The first is used for the front of the home. You can upload this photo by clicking and or dragging your image inside the grey box title 'Main Photo Front of House. All other photos must be added via the section titled 'Add Up to 24 Additional Photos'.   
One Day Offers There are two available options 'yes or no'. This is not required but optional.
Please note: If you select 'yes' your listing will become publicly visible in search after 24 hours. 

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