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In today’s article we’re going to be discussing photography tips. It is an informative helpful support article for home sellers. This article is not about photography companies, this is a simple and effective guide for taking quality photos yourself with a camera or smart phone.

There are 1.4 million active real estate agents (US statistics - statistics are subject to change).  The vast majority of them are taught the exact information about photography and in the same way you’re going to learn today, online. It is not necessary to hire a photographer, although of course, you can. As long as you follow the simple tips and suggestions below, we’re fully confident that the quality of images you produce will be fully acceptable by any standards.

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Taking high quality photos

Most smart phones today come out of the box with a 12 megapixel camera, which captures 12 million megapixels. If that sounds like a lot that’s because it is. In the year 2000 a top-of-the line camera had only 1.68 megapixels. In order to capture a sharp high quality photo, however, we recommend having at bare minimum a 7.2 megapixel camera. 

Which photos should be taken

imillee allows for a total of 15 photos of your home to create a listing. Therefore, we will give you a checklist of the specific photos that should be taken. 
Please note: each home is different, room counts, size of rooms, types of rooms, floors, so while the photos below are specific you may find you’ll need to take more general wider photos or lenses to include all of the areas and features of your home.
While you should strive to do your best to include the entire home, below are the photos that all listings should include. 
*The words (if applicable) are used below. If applicable simply means if the home includes that particular feature.*
*The asterisk is used below to represent required as any photo with an * is required in order to create a listing.*
*The + sign and the word together are used below which means to take any features mentioned in the same photo. For example: ( Front of House + Front Yard Together) simply means to take a photo that includes the homes front yard and also the front of the home in the same picture. 
Front of Home + Front Yard Together *
Front Porch + Door Together *
Back of Home + Yard + Decking Together (if applicable) *
Living Room *
Dining Room
Kitchen x4 (minimum of 4 photos of your kitchen) *
Master Bathroom General x2 (minimum of 2 photos of your master bathroom)  *
Master Bathroom Shower + Tub Together *
All Other Bathrooms + Half Baths General (if applicable)
All Other Bathrooms + Half Baths Shower + Tub Together (if applicable)
Master Bedroom x3 (minimum of 3 photos of your master bedroom) *
Master Closet *
All Other Bedrooms (if applicable)
All Other Bedroom Closets (if applicable)
Stairs (if applicable)
Great Room = living + dining + kitchen Together (if applicable)
Front of Garage (if applicable)
Garage with Door Open (if applicable)
Formal Dining (if applicable)

Angles in which photos should be taken

There are some known tricks in real estate photography we’re going to make known to you. Taking photos with the correct angle and at the correct height can showcase a home and put its features on display. Going for the obvious angle often times simply results in a less than stellar photo. Usually a result of a camera not processing the depth correctly as seen by the human eye.

While some photos can be taken straight on especially when there’s no other choice due to lack of space in any given room,  we highly recommend taking photos from a 45 degree angle. A 45 degree angle basically means taking your home photos from the corner of the yard or the corner of the room. This will give your photos a wider view of the homes features and help to re-create the depth and space correctly for the viewer. 

In addition to taking photos from a 45 degree angle,  we highly recommend taking photos with your camera at head height. This basically means to hold your camera slightly above your eyes. The idea of sharing photos of your home with others is so that they can see your home as they would see it in real life.

How many photos should be taken

While imillee has a minimum of 15 photos to create a listing and a maximum of 25 photos, the best practice is to take 50-75 photos. This does two things it helps you to identify the best photos yourself and figure out if there’s still a better angle any given photograph could be taken in and also it allows you to share the photos with your family and friends to get their opinions. After you’ve retaken some photos if you needed to and phased out the less than picture perfect photos you now are ready to upload them to your listing. 
Additional tips

  • Taking photos at night time is not advisable, the best time to take photos is during the day.
  • It’s also recommended to take photos of the exterior when there’s a slight overcast. 

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