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Today’s article will be covering the benefits and reasons why you may want to consider purchasing a branded, high quality, fully customized yard sign for your home. Ordering a yard sign from imillee is completely optional and is not required in order to create a listing. Many statistics will show that 90% of homes are searched for and found first online. While this statistic can be argued it still leaves the door open for other forms of marketing that may help you reach potential buyers. 

So why buy a yard sign for your home? 

Here are a list of reasons you may want to consider a yard sign:

  • Credibility - It can increase the your credibility to buyers visiting your home.
  • Exposure - People driving around maybe in the market and searching for homes in your neighborhood. 
  • Inexpensive marketing - while imillee does not charge commissions, imillee yard signs are still relatively inexpensive forms of marketing in comparison to other print, social media marketing and advertising.
  • Home marker - Easily let’s buyers identify your home.

What’s the difference between a store bought for sale sign and an imillee yard sign?

  • Quality
  • Branding
  • Customization
The quality of your sign may seem menial, however, when you display a quality made sign it impresses upon potential buyers your seriousness in selling your home. This can encourage buyers to value the listing and the showing itself. 
Unlike store bought signs, imillee signs are branded with the highest possible graphics. They do not read “for sale by owner”, instead they include our branding and the words listing on imillee. 
All yard signs are customized and made to order, and while we have automation in place to create the sign, such as along adding your own information to the sign. Which could include your number or a number you’ve designated to handle phone calls regarding home inquiries and your name or the name of the person you’ve designated to list on the yard sign or even a family name. 
A typical traditional yard sign will include the companies name, a phone number and the person who has listed the home. 
The sign will include the imillee company logo, the words listed on imillee, the name of the person who listed the home, and a contact phone number people can call to ask questions. 

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