How to create a home condition document

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Please note: If you're currently creating a home condition document and have a specific question(s) about one of the fields, please scroll below to the step-by-step instructions section for detailed explanations.

How to Create a Home Condition Document

Please note: Property Condition documents are not directly available from within your imillee dashboard. This is a  conditional contract, which means, you will be requested to generate this document only on an as needed basis. If and when you or the buyer needs the property condition exemption document will you receive an email request.
Sign in to your email account associated with your imillee account.
Click or Tap on the Property Condition link.
Follow the prompts to complete the required questions.   
Click or Tap Finish & Sign.   
Open the email requesting your signature.   
Click or Tap  Sign.   

Step By Step Instructions

***Unlike our other step by step support articles, we're only able to tell you to be honest when answering the required questions in order to generate your property condition exemption document.***

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